Our Firm will register your Business within 5-7 business days under normal enrollment conditions.  Please view the official Thank You page for your Business Center details.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not change your Username, nor Business Partner under any circumstances.  Doing so will only cause severe delays in the completion of Phase I of your Millionaire Super-PAC. 

All Business Centers in the first venture have been automatically set for optimum future purchases and continued commission sales growth. Do not attempt to change any of the preset settings.

No, as previously stated your future product purchases will be deducted from income earned in your Business Center. 

Not directly, but indirectly, yes.  Remember this is based on a Passive Approach, meaning you do not have to tell anyone about our venture if you choose.  Our firm does not employ sponsoring because this not only slows down the Administration, but it also causes too many unwanted gaps in big business. 

Income earnings are paid directly to your Banking Institution of choice via bank wire transfer.  Submitting a withdrawal request from your Business Center on a weekly basis for all or any available income is an easy task.  

iF™ is being accepted by most due to it's passive approach, and as we construct Business Acquisitions income is being earned. Your $593.00 is being appointed to purchase a business for four new Partners, yielding a massive amount of automatic commission sales.  Welcome to Compound Growth - Welcome to iF™!

There are far too many variables to make a promise based on time when involving sales growth, but rest assure we will deliver your Business Acquisitions and sales within the projected 14 - 20 weeks as you remain completely passive. 

Our Administrators are working diligently on the Firm's daily work load and have been given clear instructions to bypass nonessential inquiries.  Most questions are answered here, on the FAQ's page, and/or addressed during any of the (3) three live weekly Conferences.

You have elected to take the passive approach in this Business model, therefore needing to know the complete inner workings to our process isn't applicable.  We employ this response because it would take far too much detail to explain our process; which was not put in place overnight.  We are very proactive in serving your business acquisition and sales needs, so you do not have to; remain passive. 

Our Firm no longer sends out Text Messages for our upcoming weekly Conferences due to the heavy volume of Business Partners and Enrollments.  We suggest each Partner set reminders on their personal and/or business calendars regarding our weekly Conference schedules.  

All Partners should have been forwarded to our official Thank You pages upon successfully registering into iF™ and/or wKare™.  This page gives you complete details regarding your username, password and weblink to your Business Center.  Under normal circumstances, these credentials should be active wtihin 5-7 business days of a successful registration. Please e-mail our Administration Staff if it is beyond this timeframe.