SuperPAC Decision

A distinctive passive approach to Business, earning Partners north of $1.9M in a relatively short amount of time utilizing compound growth.  Realizing now is the time to take measures out of your own hands and allow WYPBCo. to serve and assist you in business acquisitions and profits; iF™ is your decision.

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The success of iF™ is based on one of the strongest business qualities any successful company has come to adapt; Compound Growth.  We employ this measure in every area of our personal lives, but fail to embrace this concept professionally. Therefore iF™ provides the ability and fortitude to taking a passive approach, as others have, and combine each Business Startup with the necessary Partners yielding profits.

With iF™ $593.00 + Me = $1.9M |Proj. 20wks.

  • $593.00 + Me (4 Startup Businesses Costs)
  • NO recruiting others
  • NO monthly fees/dues
  • NO selling of products
  • NO online/offline marketing 
  • 100% Passive Approach
  • Earnings, if available, are paid on a weekly basis 
  • Income is based on the volume of sales & Business Acquisitions 
  • With iF™, we project earnings to reach maximum payout in 14-20Wks
  • Earnings paid directly by FCAG & KBI to your Banking Institution via Wire Transfer
  • Business Partners have total access to their secure online Business Center(s) 24|7

Total Cost Breakdown:

  • $119.60 Partner Acquisition & set of 3 Financial Literacy
  • $119.60 Partner II Acquisition & set of 3 Financial Literacy
  • $119.60 Partner III Acquisition & set of 3 Financial Literacy
  • $119.60 Partner IV Acquisition & set of 3 Financial Literacy
  • $88.00  Employee & Data Entry Costs
  • $26.60  Transaction & Banking Fees
  • Total $593.00US

Please complete the iF™ Registration form to the right and be certain to create a new G-mail account.  Upon completely filling out the form, you will be directed to our secure online payment processor where you will submit payment. After a successful payment, our Administration Department will register your Business within 7-14 business days considering the current workload. View the official Welcome Aboard video for login credentials and details.


  • NO Yahoo and Aol e-mails accepted
  • Create a NEW G-mail for the iF option (secondary Business e-mail)
  • Due to registration volume it may take up to (7) days to process your Business
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Remit Mail Payment: $593.00 Remit Payment: $2,965.00 - 20BPs

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