iF Advantage

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Quick overview of iF and the Millionaire SuperPAC; explaining the main details of this unconventional option consisting of a highly effective passive approach.  

For as he thinks in his heart, so is He - Proverbs 23:7

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Live conferences every Monday evening featuring the Dir. of Training covering all aspects of the iF option to the Millionaire Super-PAC. All questions and inquires are welcomed as we make every manageable attempt to satisfy your business concepts and/or theories.  

iF - designed to create Millionaires 

Millionaire Talk

Live conference delivering in-depth insights to Accumulation v. Speculation. Concepts delivered are from Millionaire perspectives and vantage points; Guests and Business Partners alike are welcome to attend.

iF - Passive & Unconventional 


Thankful Thursdays

  • Officially Retired 
  • Final Installment 10.10.19

Leadership conference delivering a quick comprehensive overview to the Change Challenge by WYPBCo 

Do Not Worry - WYP Business & Co.

Prayer Partners

As we focus on continued spiritual development and growth; Guests and Business Partners alike are welcome to join us as we take a brief moment to recite the Lord's Prayer every week day at noon eastern. 

All Things are Possible - Matthew 19:26