Story behind iF

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Quick overview of iF and the Millionaire Super-PAC; explaining the main details of this unconventional option consisting of a highly effective passive approach.  

For as he thinks in his heart, so is He - Proverbs 23:7

1st steps in the Business

Live conferences every Monday evening featuring the Dir. of Training covering all aspects of the iF option to the Millionaire Super-PAC. All questions and inquires are welcomed as we make every manageable attempt to satisfy your business concepts and/or theories.  

iF - designed to create Millionaires 

Millionaire Advantage

Live conference delivering thorough insights regarding Accumulation vs. Speculation. Concepts delivered are from Millionaire mindsets and vantage points; Guests and Business Partners alike are welcome to attend.

iF - Passive & Unconventional 


Thankful Thursdays

Leadership conference highlighting every aspect of our Partner's dreams, visions and provisions.  In depth tutorials and concepts from passionate mindsets delivering the perfect combination to life and it's successes. 

Do Not Worry - WYP Business & Co.

Further development

As we focus on continued spiritual development and growth; Guests and Business Partners alike are welcome to join us as we take a brief moment to recite the Lord's Prayer every week day at noon eastern. 

All Things are Possible - Matthew 19:26